Heaven’s Home

This is a lovely poem from another nature and art blog. I love the ‘tipsy moth’ from A woodlandrose blog. Didn’t write a poem for my daughter’s birthday so hope she enjoys this one as she wanders around the Lake District in the footsteps of William Wordsworth, perhaps. Happy Birthday Josie and I will have to think up a wildflower poem for you aka the Alice Oswald book you gave me some birthdays ago. And in memory and gratitude to my father who took me on so many journeys into nature, camping and learning how to put up with the midges and Mosquitos !

Awoodlandrose's Blog

ladders to the sky

a blue jay’s piercing cry
the robin’s egg cupping blue
a tipsy moth’s free flight
the morning glory’s climb
out of the dark night

an acorn realizing it’s an oak
puffing sails that lean
into a swelling sea
island bells that chime
on a soft summer breeze

a firefly pulsing star light
stars pulsing fire light
a lovers’ kiss as they meld into one
the last glance of day
towards a blushing sun

ag ~ 2014

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2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Home”

    1. I need to stop doing so much digging and then it gets so hot. But will try again soon. It is a lovely poem and suited her birthday as gratitude is key to our lives!


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