What’s a Clouded Yellow?

Lots of them here in Southern Spain and are considered indigenous to here. So European too! Must have flown a long way!

A Tramp in the Woods

An immigrant species from North Africa. Not especially uncommon, sometimes you get really good years and they are everywhere but I have never photographed them. I have seen them about but not when  I had a camera handy.

Clouded Yellow

Clouded Yellow

Clouded Yellow

Clouded Yellow

Clouded YellowThis is a female. She is really beautiful when she opens her wings. Golden yellow with a black border. These pictures today are just a tease.

This is the new mission. There is an added problem this time. These Butterflies always settle with their wings closed, you only see them open in flight. We have got to have those open wing shots.

Clouded Yellow

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5 thoughts on “What’s a Clouded Yellow?”

  1. We too in UK have been getting migrants. There is a strong but yet to be confirmed suspicion that they are now breeding in this country. Maddening, they fly by so fast, but unmistakable.


    1. Indigenous in Southern Spain. Yes, they fly by fast and don’t often open their wings. Interesting to keep a check on. Field scabious was flower. Will check what the caterpillars like!


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