In Praise Of Decay (and against plastic)

Let’s hope after a busy Christmas we can all recycle especially the plastic and understand nature’s cycles so we can protect rather than continue this careless and ignorant destruction of our beautiful planet.

Malcolm Guite

In pale gold leaf-fall losing shape and edge In pale gold leaf-fall losing shape and edge

I walk each morning in some woodland near my home and especially savour in this late autumn, early winter season, the damp carpet of fallen leaves, now decaying and forming  rich mulch that will feed the soil for future growth. Even in their decay, losing edge and shape, melding and blending together there is in this carpet of leaves, a kind of grace and beauty. The other morning though, these meditations were interrupted by a sudden intrusion. There amongst the gold and mottled leaf mould, like some harsh alien excrescence, was a discarded plastic bag. It was totally out of place and told its own tale of indifference and carelessness; not just the carelessness of the person that dropped it, but the carelessness of the culture that produced it. The trees shed their leaves, and in that fall and letting go  achieve…

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5 thoughts on “In Praise Of Decay (and against plastic)”

  1. Today when viewing eagles, I saw someone throw trash out of the car window, which blew into the river. How can one do this at somewhere celebrating nature? I know a dam is anti-nature for the most part, but the animals that benefit from this place don’t need all that plastic floating in the river.

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    1. No, of course not and although a dam can provide a different habitat it really is some folk who don’t give a damn. Or just don’t think….I saw some people in local high street just throwing their waste out of their car. Didn’t want it in their car??.. Here in Manchester UK they have begun spot fines for any litter.


      1. Same here, in Romania. Most of the people don’t give a fu*k about the environment. In traffic, from what i saw, most of them throw their cigarette buts out of their windows. For the god sake, manufacturer endowed your vehicle with an ashtray. Use it! Our officials think that if they implement some rough fines, this phenomenon will stop. My opinion is that they won’t stop until they will make some jail for this kind of rudeness.

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