Extract from the “Art of Birds”, by Pablo Neruda

Just came across this and back in Spain with the birds and the Spanish Language and my first year of blogging. Thank you for all the amazing connections we make all you bloggers out there and especially those who want to help in the conservation of this beautiful planet. Me gusta mucho las obras de Pablo Neruda, muy profondo. And I love the birds and have just bought bird seed to attract the wild ones so I can see more of them! Might work. Might not!

7 thoughts on “Extract from the “Art of Birds”, by Pablo Neruda”

  1. During cold weather, I feed the birds suet and they love it! The Bluebirds and Woodpeckers especially, but just about all the birds like it. I also feed Black Oil Sunflower seeds. Winter is most important, I think, and a source of fresh water will surely attract them and help them as well. I live by a creek, so I think that’s why they don’t often use my bird bath.

    I don’t know anything about Spain’s weather or birds, but I bet you have beautiful winged friends!

    Good luck to you and your birds are lucky 🙂



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