Writing stories about nature to create empathy

Having read an article in The Guardian by Andrew Simms I have finally found inspiration and the beginnings of a story which I wanted to write about the diversity of living things around Navasola.  If I can submit some entries for the writing competition by September 1st I will be pleased and there is nothing like a deadline!

If anyone is interested in this website and group of people under the heading The Parliament of Things there is link. On wordpress it only directs to a blog but if you surf the web you should come to a Dutch site. Or it can be found through the Guardian and Andrew Simms on empathy writing.

Could human imagination save us from extinction? | Andrew Simms …
http://www.theguardian.com › Environment › Anthropology
2 Jul 2015 – The Parliament of Things is an innovative writing contest that does just … empathy and the ability to wonder consciously at the world we’re in.

The lovely Lotti in the Sierra Aracena looking at pigs.
The lovely Lotti in the Sierra Aracena looking at pigs.

Maybe try a 500 word story from the point of view of animal plant or mineral!  Or a 2000 word discussion under the title of the Parliament of Things. They are looking for environmental writing from the the point of view of the Natural World at this point in time and the effects of climate change on a species, or thing or river, tree, even oil. What would the Oil say!  Leave me alone I’m a shy guy. I don’t wanna get burnt out. Or I just want to come out and play in all your fantastic motor cars!

All I can offer you at the moment is a pic of a black beauty or a shaggy dog story. Or a Little blackish pig from the Jabugo ham region of Aracena! But I’m working on more!

Zara in the stable.
Zara in the stable.

6 thoughts on “Writing stories about nature to create empathy”

  1. What lovely animals! Good luck with your writing project. I am working on a South Africa retirement visa and much of the paperwork is completed, so the final step is submitting it to the consulate. It is for 4 years and then renewable. Fell in love with Cape Town in the late 1980s while working there on a two-year assignment and have returned many times for three month visits. It will be lovely to stay as long as I want. You would love the biodiversity there. Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens and Table Mountain have some of the most beautiful and interesting plants and animals I’ve ever seen.

    We are experiencing fires in the area – the big ones are mostly in California. The local mountains (small) are closed to hikers until it rains. The fires make the sunrises and sunsets unbelievably dramatic!

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    1. Thanks. And your project for being in South Africa sounds an amazing opportunity. Yes, I would like to visit but do get some regular insight from Boeta’s blog The rumbling ocean. Back in UK for a short while and am always in love with its green but have had a weekend away camping with weather warning rain, then hot sun and such a drop in temperature at night I was almost frozen! That’s the UK for you in August! Hope the fires keep away. That is a risk in Spain too.


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