Karma Chameleon in the Algarve. A walk round the Quinta Marim reserve by Olhao.

We spent some final days of a September summer in the Algarve. One walk, before my daughter flew back to the UK from Faro, was around the nature reserve just east of Olhao. We had visited this place some years ago and seen plenty of birds on the salt marshes and a vulture flying close by. It’s mate was recuperating in the bird hospital there. A famous line of friendly Portuguese Water Dogs were also kept there. This time the visitor centre wasn’t open, no sign of the dogs, and all seemed rather run down. Just as this walk around a nature reserve seemed to be a bit disappointing, a chameleon slowly and leisurely crossed our path. I was so pleased that my daughter could also experience such a close encounter. No binoculars needed!

Chameleon in Olhao nature Reserve
Chameleon in Olhao nature Reserve

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September 13th 086
September 13th 085

16 thoughts on “Karma Chameleon in the Algarve. A walk round the Quinta Marim reserve by Olhao.”

  1. Wow – how exciting

    We’ve not been round the reserve for a few years but even in 2013 the dogs were gone 😦 and the visitor centre closed. Guess reflects Portugal’s financial angst. Your Chameleon though more than makes up for it and we’ll definitely take another stroll there.

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  2. These creatures are absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing and also for the tip about the South African blogger who lives in the Karoo and posts such lovely nature photos and commentary with stories of her toddler son, Boeta.

    I’m set to depart for Cape Town in early January and am planning to take a long (2 month) safari before settling down in Cape Town. The overland route is Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, and Uganda and I am beyond excited! Will be posting accounts of the trip but have stopped writing blogs for the time being – preoccupied preparing for possible disasters while spending a long time away.

    It’s fall in Oregon and this year the trees are amazing – splotches of red, yellow, and orange everywhere!

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    1. It’s beginning to be the fall here too. For the Spanish it’s a place to see so far south and changing colours. Maybe like New England. Oregon could be on my must see list too. So much beauty in the landscape. Enjoy your African travels.

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  3. Reblogged this on Hidden Delights of the Algarve and commented:
    I’m so envious of Georgina and her daughter not only did they get to see one but she got these incredible photographs. We went on a chameleon hunt a months ago and failed!

    Please note I’ve disabled likes and comments here to encourage you to go and read Georgina’s original post 🙂

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  4. Brilliant chameleon, what a treat! Were you at the Parque Natural de Rio Formosa? We visited there in 2006 when it was in pretty good condition, although the information boards were a bit scruffy.The lovely Water Dogs were still there then.

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