Wherever the Weather, Whatever the Weather, for Dverse Poets.

Here is a poem about the weather for Dverse poets as I look through my window onto a very London Garden of the past. There is still an old apple tree from when this area was an orchard in the 1920s! How aware are we of how the weather is changing and the causes of this are possibly much more of our own making. When will we wake up to the stronger winds? The British Met Office has decided to name storms. Storm force gales of 80 mph are supposed to be hitting the North of England soon. The weather may be a little quieter in the south,for a while.

Garden and apple tree in London
Garden and apple tree in London
Fuchsia for a dearly loved cat
Fuchsia for a dearly loved cat

In London Town the sun shines bright

After dismal days of rainy grey clouded skies.

Leaves falling with their tints of yellow red,

Tiny blue of tiny tit, pink plumage of wood pigeon

The lilac tones of fuchsia for a dearly loved cat.

A family garden of changing times

In the shade of an ivy clad old apple tree.

The weather is changing, November is now warm,

Am I too changing with the passing seasons.

The sky changes to a stormy grey, the leaves fall fast.
The Met Office wants us to feel storms are friendly too.
By giving names do we accept them more,
The changing times of climate crisis.

Abigail is brewing over the Isle of Skye

Far off in a North West corner of a very British Isle.

Warm and wet is that our future, clustered in a cloud.

Frozen drought and hurricane forces

Are coming further north or further south

The wind is knocking far too gently at our door.

Kew Gardens London UK . Storms and glasshouses.
Kew Gardens London UK .
Storms and glasshouses.

38 thoughts on “Wherever the Weather, Whatever the Weather, for Dverse Poets.”

  1. I love how you use color to describe the flora and fauna of your garden…love how beautiful it looks in your photos too. Especially loved the fuchsia for a loved cat. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m surprised at the high winds that are expected there. We name our hurricanes here in the U.S. and a category 1 storm is when the winds reach above 74mph. Stay safe!

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  2. What a lovely garden of apple tree & fuschia ~ I hope the storm and strong winds weaken soon ~ We have our own very strong wind bringing in the grey clouds too ~ Thanks for linking up ~


  3. So glad you linked this! We often will do a prompt for OLN if we miss it the day/time of the prompt. Abigail…Bet they’ll never do a Voldemort. This was such a lovely poem of the colors, flora, fauna. I hope there will be future poems and photos with the changes in your garden during the seasons. Fuschia for a beloved cat….that is so very heart touching.

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    1. Let’s hope that there will be a strong message of solidarity from all the nations that will gather in Paris. That will be the light to really shine out from such a beautiful city and overcome fear and sadness. It really is the leadership that people want and need from all over this amazing planet.

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  4. It’s certainly been unpredictable of late. I’m sure we have an impact on our weather but the planet has always been subject to change, hasn’t it? Some things are beyond our control but I certainly believe in self help. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Smiles.. i suppose nameless forces
    can be harder to relate to..
    than labeling one’s
    of anthropomorphic
    sweet Abigail..
    of gale force winds
    is kinder than
    that flood
    a human home
    but tests are
    in all
    and Abigail
    is teacher whose
    gale will be heard..:)

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