An Autumn Walk in the Sierra Aracena. The falling leaves of the ancient trees. The photography and Art of Ruth Koenigsberger

Old chestnut trees in the Sierra Aracena
Old chestnut trees in the Sierra Aracena

I am so pleased I have the opportunity to share the photography and links to art work of my friend and neighbour Ruth. Her photographs come from walking around the countryside with her dog, the lovely Lotti. ( featured in previous posts and a surrogate dog for me at present!) When I can I walk with her and breathe in the beauty of the changing seasons we have here. I have also shown her garden with all the poppies in my previous post and haiku to Liberty, Love and Light. The link is to her art work at the Artagora Galeria Virtual Ruth Koenigsberger. I love the way she can capture both colour and light. For me there is a deep link to nature in her work and a spiritual light within her creative art. Try the link on her name and walk round a virtual art gallery too! There are  castano trees, ancient chestnuts from the Sierra and the Caldera in La Palma but also some imaginative interpretations of our world from the inner eye of an artist.

I miss all my friends in the Sierra Aracena as I have to be in the UK for a short while. Many there live a peaceful lifestyle that can bring them close to the natural world through organic gardening, permaculture, spiritual practices, yoga and of course the creative arts. It is almost a year since I wrote Bats on my Birthday and have found blogging useful to warm up my writing muscles. I hope to write more stories and poems to help us come closer to this wonderful and diverse world of nature.

For this week I want to highlight the need to care for the living systems on the planet. There are so many people who want to rise above the atrocities in Paris and send a message that we must change the way we live in this world or the living planet will suffer and not be able to give us and all other creatures the habitats and food sources we need to thrive.

As I cannot walk on the Climate Change March  on the eve of the talks in Paris I will try some virtual walks like this one in the Sierra Aracena. Let’s hold the Climate Change talks in the light  and where possible petition and campaign for the change our planet needs.

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The lovely Lotti
The lovely Lotti
Hollyhock and black carpenter bee in Ruth’s garden. October 2015

11 thoughts on “An Autumn Walk in the Sierra Aracena. The falling leaves of the ancient trees. The photography and Art of Ruth Koenigsberger”

  1. So gorgeous – we’re thinking maybe one day we will drive over the border. Not sure yet where to explore – any recommendations?
    PS hope you have a good trip back in UK, take your woollies!!

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    1. Look up Aracena. It’s north of Rio Tinto. You take the main motorway to Sevilla and turn off for Badajoz. Also if you go south off this motorway after the Huelva turn off there is the Donana national park. Thanks for your comments.

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  2. I just commented to one of my followers on Climate Change and the terrorist events worldwide. It seems quite the shame that this very important and timely issue is taking a backseat to the brutality in this world, not only on the people, animals, history, architecture, antiquities, and infrastructure, but the environment too.

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  3. If all each day take a walk for the climate, appreciate and share our experiences, it will go much further than one march. And so far it seems they are doing a reasonable job of mixing talk of terrorism with climate change, esp considering they are being held in Paris. The positive message is that we won’t let terrorists and the use of violence to keep us from doing the work that is needed. Surprisingly good, here in the US, a new poll shows 66% of Americans hope the world leaders can come to some kind of agreement. Maybe all the evidence of the climate crisis is sinking in.

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    1. That will be a relief. But pressure will be constantly needed and there’s still all the conservation issues to stop so much loss of habitat. Thanks for your comments and I like the idea we should all do our own walks, reflect, enjoy nature and take some positive steps!

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