Clear Skies, Bright Stars. Advent and Hope for Peace.

Here is a seasonal post inspired by  Dverse Poets and the stars.

We are now back at Navasola and although the stars and the sun do shine very brightly here I will miss being with my daughters this Christmas. It will be our first Christmas outside the UK and our first at Navasola. We were first greeted in Seville with grey and overcast skies; same as in London and other parts of the UK over the past month.Today the sun has come out bright,warm and strong and with the clearer skies the stars too are shining bright in the very dark skies we have here in the Sierra Aracena.  The viburnum tinus berries are metallic and bright. A Sardinian warbler, great tit and jays were gathering food by the house and now and again a butterfly flies by! The vultures also enjoyed the thermals when I was out on a walk with Lotti and Ruth. See post on Autumn for Ruth’s photography and links to her art work. She inspires me to draw!

We are looking forward to finding out more about how Christmas is celebrated here and in particular the Feast of the Kings on the 5th and 6th of January. Here there are processions showing this part of the Nativity story and children get presents.

It is the end of another blogging year and I have been inspired by so many of the links made to Navasola through nature blogs and many others now. I have managed to read some books by Opher Goodwin and in particular Anthropocene Apocalypse and Ebola in the Garden of Eden. Both very good reads and with current concerns about the future of our planet. Opher Goodwin


I am also glad to be linked to Dverse poets who have managed to spark some poetic muse in me. The poem below is inspired by poems by Victoria Slotto and Bjorn Rudberg  about the stars. I have also linked to another poet Malcolm Guite and bought his book with poetry for Advent. These have inspired me to write this poem about the stars I saw above Navasola in the summer months.

Stars over Navasola

Above the silhouette of trees appear a clarity of stars
Numinous and numerous I search for one.
The childhood star my father saw I saw.
The Pole star’s perfect North still guiding some.


The wizened faces of the chestnut trees with me stare,
Abandoned olive branches touch the sky I seek to name,
With virtual app- titude we see the lights of Vega and Altair,
Bright threesome pulse with Deneb and the flighty swan.


An owl sounds out from Navasola East.

The moon still hides behind the hill.

Through the dark of earth and sky, wander many a beast.

Summer sounds and warmth surround me still.



Now in December’s dark chill drawn days,
Advent’s hope casts doubts on the prophecies of stars.
What and where is that bright star, the magi say?
How much to know, how far to go, to go, how far?




54 thoughts on “Clear Skies, Bright Stars. Advent and Hope for Peace.”

  1. I love that last line, especially…and the idea that a collection of stars might be called a “clarity” charms me to no end. I LOVE the names of groups of birds (murmuration, murder)…why not stars? Beautiful.

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  2. I don’t know if you intended the wider spacing on the third stanza, but it made me slow down and I felt a hush, a quietness as I read it. It created the perfect pause before heading from summer straight into December. Very nice. Peace, Linda

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  3. Enjoy your Christmas in Navasola, Georgina, sounds nice to have some warm, sunny weather. Your poem is lovely and speaks to the deeper meaning that we give to the stars, especially that North one. I too like your use of the word numinous…we can find so much that is holy around us if we but take note.
    Gayle ~

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      1. Thank you too and I really loved your last poem on Dverse . I read it on downloaded email but now with limited wifi can’t link to it. Have a very happy time and prosperous 2016.


      2. I’m glad you liked it, Georgina…thanks, and you never have to worry if you can’t link up…I understand. Happy holidays to you too and I hope to see you back here in a couple of weeks when we return from our break.

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  4. I enjoyed your reflections about your place Georgina ~ Our winter nights are dark here too, and I am always searching for stars outside my window ~ I like the questions at the end, and hopefully we can find our own bright star ~


  5. Numinous and numerous – really like that word combination! How much hope the stars give us. Maybe that bright star we seek is the hope in us for guidance and light in the darkness. Very well penned. Thank you for the response to the prompt! spencer is Kanzensakura

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    1. Yes,hope the skies are clear for you and the days sunny!bat the moment it is unseasonably warm during the day but bring scarves and fleeces! Look forward to seeing you.mhave a good Christmas and a very happy birthday.


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