The White tailed Bumblebee; A persona poem.

Bombus Lucorum’s  Dramatic monologue or Persona Poem

( Her thoughts while being photographed in January at Finca Navasola, Sierra Aracena Spain)

bee close up







You may well know me as just a mere bumbling bee

But I am more clever than you think.

My lineage is pre Linnaeus *and to our own kind

We keep ourselves. It’s only you who can confuse

And give us a Bombus Lucorum complex.

If you observe more carefully

And observe you must

Our whiter than white tails, our yellow bands.

But we are more deceptive than you think:

We will not help to pollinate

We merely take the nectar sweet

With proboscis purposefully evolved,

Or tongue for you non latinates,

Adapted slowly over time.


I fear I speak abruptly for your kind of kind.

My life is too worn out with weary work.

My genes do not give me the time

To rest inside a burrowed hole,

Like her, with constant demands for more and more.


Today you see us swinging from bright flowers;

The yellow sun was kind when first we left.

Our Lady Queen insistent on our following

The path of workers gone before.

We serve, we serve the future of our kind.

We work and work and have no time

Like you to stand and stare.








Why does the weather change like this?

The stem I have to cling to fast.

The wind is strong too strong too strong for us.

My sister worker in a gust falls into fallen leaves,

So wet with days of rain, her wings can’t fly,

Too weak with days without the chance of food.

The rain it comes with furious speed.

So wet, too wet on dripping leaves.

So near, so far from the desire to feed

On flowers few in this so cold a Spring.

Why did our Lady think this was the time to breed?

So warm it was and then the weeks of rain.

The wind now stronger I too fear I’ll fall

Be blown away far from the way back home.

I fear today we came too far

Too far.

I fear today we came too far.









*Linnaeus 1761


  1. Wikipedia for so much information in one place on the White tailed Bumblebee
  2. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. And ideas to be  BEE KIND


This was prompted by a prompt from Dverse Poets on creating another Persona. This is a great poetry website to check out and follow links to some diverse poetry and blogs on Mr Linky.

At present this persona style is a particular challenge to me with a story I am writing about the wild. I am caught between wanting to keep the creatures wild and not really speaking but also  with the need to create empathy for the struggles they have in our very current climate.

I hope the photos are of white tailed bumblebees. Please inform me if you think otherwise! The ones on the Christmas, Butchers Broom post were the slurred and blurred ones and I have been trying ever since.  With my friend Madeleine’s Fuji camera she took one of the bumblebee on a fallen leaf. The other day when it was sunny in the morning I found two bumblebees on the yellow daisies. They were struggling as the wind was getting stronger and then it started to rain again. One fell somewhere. I put out some sugar water in case they needed more food. I wonder if they did get back to their hive. As there were two they were possibly the worker bees. A queen will usually emerge in early February and look for food and begin to build up reserves and to lay their female worker eggs. I wonder here if these bees have emerged earlier because of the warm weather in December. Nature is so incredibly complex and so well adapted over millennia. At present these bees have certain skills to help them survive but as the climate is less predictable and more extreme there may be more problems foe even the common species.

43 thoughts on “The White tailed Bumblebee; A persona poem.”

  1. What a wonderful evocative poem, plus I have learnt lots too! This reminds me of a children’s book called the ‘Dwarfs of Nosegay’ which is as much about bees struggling over the winter as dwarfs!

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  2. Oh, I do hope that the bees find a way to survive. I liked the way you wrote in an interesting as well as informative way. Bees really have to be adaptable though, it seems, to survive the changes. And, as for your poem again, I hope they did NOT travel too far……

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      1. I’ve had a good look at this post now but will not be on much wifi for the following week. I enjoy so much of the poems written and have downloaded Sanaa’s. She has such a way with words.


    1. Am thinking about it as my friend with the previous blog has one. But have some good close ups today of a bumblebee I rescued. It’s got to make another story but I need to crop them as I zoomed in a bit.


  3. Okay….I love this. And I needed to read your poem after just finishing reading about a Hitlerite after the fall of the infamous leader…hearing the “whisper” of tanks. So disturbing. Now, here I am hearing the whirring of wings and recognizing the never ending work of this creature. I especially love the ending lines! Such a great take on the prompt. Shall never look at bees in the same way again! 🙂 Well done.

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  4. Now following your blog. Thanks for liking mine. Would you care to comment on the mass spraying from helicopters of malathion, a pesticide so strong I couldn’t mix it in the house? I got rid of mine and no longer use anything that might hurt my chickens.

    I think it has had a significant effect on bees, fireflies, and other delights of nature. Recommend reading “Collapse” by Jared Diamond.

    Savannah is an entomologist’s heaven. I am plagued but fascinated by the rich but beautiful markings on some of these critters.

    Dr. Kathorkian,
    an alter ego of
    *independent country of one*
    $world’s only free market capitalist$

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    1. I’ll look into it. I am concerned about the British governments attitude to pesticides that have been banned in Europe. Fact is insects are needed in the ecosystem and there seems to possibly be a terrible decline of these and effects on other species.


      1. Strange. I thought the UK was anti all that. GM products certainly are, or were. Are you familiar with the ecologist magazine? I used to subscribe, but can get highlights online. It’s a British publication and does some fantastic research into ecological issues.

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      2. Sharks, you mean. They are devouring each other in the blood bath that is the global economic (stock) crisis. Get out of the water if you want to feel safe. Selling stock and boycotting bad-guy products (and telling everybody what you’re doing and why) can be an effective strategy, as yet untested by the masses.
        KO! Economic Hit Woman
        an alter ego of
        *independent country of one*
        $ world’s only free market capitalist $

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      3. Perhaps not sharks as these animals are misunderstood! However, the name I could utter is very rude! What is good is that there seems to be a bit more general understanding of the way the current system is robbing the hard working majority. Good to get your comments as am in the middle if another storm on the Azores. Maybe not so far away!

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    1. And there are so many different types. Never fails to amaze me the diversity of species. Now in the Azores and the chaffinches are different as with many island species I guess they are inbred!


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