Pelican Puzzle poem. Donde Estamos? Where are We?

Willow and Gingko

Am now in a very different place where there is sea all around and halfway between the USA and Europe. We are on holiday for Trevor’s significant birthday. However, this poem was written a little while ago  and was inspired by a walk in a famous park. I love many of the prompts given by Dverse poets prompts This one was about the surreal in the ordinary. The climate talks were also going on at the same time. It all felt quite surreal particularly as I recognised the Spanish words of a small child. I also wanted to do this walk in response to the blog  A Wildflower’s Melody.A wildflower Melody I love the serendipity of blogging. Also check out some amazing poems and advice, examples and interesting folk writing poetry for the Dverse Poets bar. I can’t keep up with it all!


Donde Estamos?   Where are We?  or  Pelican Puzzle Poem


Donde estamos a child says on a bridge

Crossing with his father near the edge

Familiar sounds in unfamiliar places

Familiar faces from high mountain passes


Donde Estamos?

Where are we?


Diverse ducks on rippling waters

Wild grey geese fly into land

Wild and tame take turns to feed

Clipped wings that long to be freed.



Donde estamos?

Where are we?





Diverse trees some bare, some dressed,

With gilded leaves at some royal behest,

Weeping willow leaves green may last

Next to the far flung Gingko holding fast


Donde Estamos ?

Where are We?


Black fisher birds perched up on rocks

Herons looking down form weather cocks

Cottage house with surely, organic veggie plots

Fresh fish arrives in plastic pots.


Donde Eastamos?

Where are We?








Great African White in grey December Park

Whose wingspan could rival the albatross

Grey squirrel on a grey man’s long grey arm

The wild we tame with foods ever constant charm.



Donde Estamos ?

Where are We?






Wild eyed Pelicans look down the lake

Pink footed geese fly past their palace.

A dull sky with flights of fancy passes by

A skyline of roofs with power to make us cry.


Donde Estamos?

Where are We?


Overlooked by one all seeing Eye

Chopper birds also above us in the sky.

Surveillance city sees us all, weather indifferent

To human fair or peace for species in our care.


Donde estamos?

Where are We?



A small sized beak cries out in hope

By a puffed up pigeon on a post.

Ancient birds with strange design

Greet us with a knowing look

Open up capacious beak that must be filled.

Talks and more talks, but act we must

Who are we to turn our backs?


Who are we?


Where are We?

Donde Estamos?












Will be busy celebrating Trevor’s birthday and then travelling back from another rather surreal place.  Let us know if you know anything about where these Pelicans are or hopefully just enjoy the poem. Thanks again to Dverse poets for all their prompts and inspiration.







38 thoughts on “Pelican Puzzle poem. Donde Estamos? Where are We?”

  1. Hi 🙂 I love the poem!! The rhythm, the images, and the message and how you wove what you saw into a poem-story. The pelicans look a little different, but definitely cousins of the ones I saw. 🙂 They are magnificent birds!

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  2. A celebratory nature walk in an unnamed park (on an island?), leaving us amused, fascinated, a bit confused, & smiling. If “puzzle poem” is a form, I’m unfamiliar with it; lots of refrains & clever rhyming.

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  3. The Spanish words add such an undulating rhythm to your poem… I could also feel that quite surreal atmosphere you mentioned above…
    The major achievement here is the progression, the way the verses flow… very well done— thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes to you. Aquileana 🌟.-

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  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem and the gorgeous photos, Georgina. Those pelicans are fantastic, very striking. We have pelicans here but they are much smaller than the ones shown here. I love the photo of the quaint cottage…I think I could live there!


  5. Very nice, and good question. Where are we at the moment, and where are we in our life’s story…something to think about. … We had pelicans land on the lake by our house this year. I guess they were stopping over on their way south. 🙂

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  6. I really enjoyed your poem and images. I like how you added the Spanish. The child keeps asking which is such a nice touch. I wish I was between Europe and the US right now. It would be wonderful having a vacation, especially a birthday holiday. Enjoy!!!

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  7. So many images here – the peace of life in the small cottage – the beady eyed pelicans (interestingly snow white – the ones in Australia have grey on their wings) and that chopper circling overhead. Such a strange, complex world we live in now.

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