Quote post 3: We do not own the world, and its riches are not ours to dispose of at will.

We do not own the world, and its riches are not ours to dispose of at will. Show a loving consideration for all creatures, and seek to maintain the beauty and variety of the world. Work to ensure that our increasing power over nature is used responsibly, with reverence for life. Rejoice in the splendour of God’s continuing creation.   (Advices and Queries No.42, Quaker Faith and Practice)

Today on the third day of this quote challenge I am using one of the advices from a less well known little red book but one that has inspired me to think about the tradition and spirituality of Quakerism. There are 42 main advices and queries and these are in a small red book. These come from the collective thoughts and wisdom over the almost 400 years of the Quaker tradition and are from the gathered thoughts of individuals and group meetings. I quite like the idea of individuals and groups of people relying more on experience than on a hierarchy of knowledge. There are also many Quaker action groups and although in particular the peace testimony is more well known there are groups concerned with inter faith dialogue, homelessness and housing, and sustainable living.

I like this quote because it shows the respect we should give the natural world and although there may be some I know who are uneasy with the use of the word God I think that finally there is a turning point in religious groups about the way we are systematically destroying so much of this earth. I welcome the Pope’s contribution  and have just bought a diary from a Spanish charity which is church based ( Manos Unidas) with a strong focus on environmental justice for people growing food around the world.

The photographs are the last in the series taken by Ruth Koenigsberger ( See previous quote challenges and Autumn Walks)  We took a walk down the Galaroza path one evening in January past these old beauties in the new pine woods. The old chestnuts seem to have different personalities and faces. Such maturity. Oh to be old and wise as these trees. Or dead and still standing?

P1000498 copia P1000500 copia

Quote Challenge 3

For this quotechallenge I want to show some blogs which have a very close concern for the protection of biodiversity. Extinction is a key threat to many species through a range of man-made effects on the environment. From small plants, insects, to the great mammals that need so much wild space these blogs and many others help me to understand more about precious ecosystems and the work being done to conserve and protect.

Thanks to Jenny in her Kiwi garden for nominating me. She has inspired me to try 3 consecutive days of blogging and get linking.


1. Theresagreen A blog from Wales but also with links to other nature blogs on the blog roll and her very informative blog of when she was in Spain.  and now in  Wales

2.  http://huggers.ca/  Matthew posts about environmental news and his post on wolves with the figure estimated of only 186000 left in the world is a sad comment on the lack of responsibility there has been and still is to the wild world.

3. http://fightforrhinos.com/about/  This speaks out for the desperate need to protect the ever dwindling rhino populations in Africa from poaching.

If any of the nominated blogs wish to take part in the challenge then the idea is to do the following. But no compulsion this is supposed to be fun and if you have the time!

  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Posts can be one or three quotes per day
  • Nominate three different blogs per day

As this challenge comes to an end I shall take a rest and get back to my novel. ( 36000 words so far so I must finish it!)  I am aware that there are many more blogs out there that I would like to feature or credit in some way. Theresagreen has a blog roll which is useful and I will try and follow suit with a similar nature blog roll of those I have come across. I will also try and simplify layout and categories.

Thanks for taking time to read and those who follow me I really appreciate the interest taken. Comments are also very welcome.


13 thoughts on “Quote post 3: We do not own the world, and its riches are not ours to dispose of at will.”

  1. Such a profoundly true quote. Thank you for the links to and your kind comments about my blogs. Chestnut trees are planted, but are not as common further south in Andalucia where the Cork Oak predominates. Isn’t it amazing how they continue to stand despite the level of their decay?

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    1. Yes, these trees have stood a long time but have been abandoned on a less wet and steep bank and the pines just spring up around them. The madrono and viburnum are the natives to this area and Pyrenean and the mirbeck. It is a cultivated area but a lot has gone wild.

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  2. Hi Georgina – I’m back from South America much chastened. I saw lots of wild-life but it was sparse and spread out. It was very salutary to think how abundant it used to be. When the old wooden ships sailed the seas they clubbed and bludgeoned the populations of animals to near extinction. The area was abundant with life. They killed with abandon. In a couple of hundred years we have reduced the abundance to the level of rarities. So sad.

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    1. Good to know you are safely back but sad to hear such loss of wildlife. How to broadcast this when our governments seem so insular and Springwatch suggests all is alive and well in the UK.


  3. There is much beauty in the Quaker tradition and this quote serves to underline the right relationship that humans are called to have in relation to nature…one of loving stewardship. In my lifetime I have witness such a deterioration of this value. I remember the pristine nature of rivers and lakes. I’m afraid our individualistic, self-centered culture is destroying so much we hold precious.

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    1. The challenge was challenging! But I hoped I fitted it into my nature theme! Thanks, I hope to finish the book by about 50.000 words and then….. But at least I will have finished as most writing projects are half done!


  4. I’ve lived in the city all my life, and I feel the difference walking into heavily forested terrain (i.e. the park); the air I’d been missing all my life! Even in winter I’ve gotta crack open a window or suffocate. Small things like that which make life feel so grand… hopefully things of this nature (sustainable living for present and future generations) will continue to increase in importance as time progresses.

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