Frosty days at Navasola. Dog days and more plumbing!

Take a photo of me not those frosty plants and hurry up and get on with the walk.
Take a photo of me not those frosty plants and hurry up and get on with the walk.

When there’s a dog about, an early morning walk is required. I have just spent a week looking after my friend Ruth’s adorable Tibetan terrier Lotti. I think I do miss having a dog but this is a gentle reminder of the responsibilities. It was one of those glorious sunny early mornings. There was so much frost on the ground too. So I set off with dog and camera. At times no one believes how cold it can be here at night in Southern Spain but we are high up at 740m and on the north side of the Sierra Aracena. I have lost some good plants to the frost; an hibiscus, kalanchoe and aloe vera. However, the native plants are the survivors and the viburnum is always half in bud and flower at this time of year.

bl erafrosty days end Feb march 2016 030

Hurry up it's cold sitting here!
Hurry up it’s cold sitting here!

We walked up to the Era where the grain used to be threshed. It’s also where I have taken photographs of the butterflies in May. It was very frosty. Lotti was eager to walk on but I was busy trying some close ups of frosty frost on leaves frosty days end Feb march 2016 037

bl frosted bracken days end Feb march 2016 058

We moved on to reach the gate. The sun was beginning to get a bit higher and warmer.

early morning sun by the entrance to Navasola
early morning sun by the entrance to Navasola
The gorse keeps flowering through the wintry frosts.
The gorse keeps flowering through the wintry frosts.
























The Project.

Trevor has been working on a method to heat the water when the weather finally warms up in Spring and lighting a fire will no longer be necessary. Hopefully then I will also be released from the endless trips to the wood pile and the relentless work with the many branches of wood, fallen or from pruned trees. Over the last week he worked with a friend and plumber on putting a radiator, painted black, on our roof. It needs quite complicated controls and a pump. The two worked together discussing the intricacies of this system and the financial markets. Most people we encounter in the Sierra have interesting histories and ideas! Hopefully the solar radiator will add some heat to the tank. It can reach up to 100 degrees so the system has to prevent solar thermal radiator frosty days end Feb march 2016 097bl plumbing frosty days end Feb march 2016 068bl trev and Richard frosty days end Feb march 2016 070












The sun has been brilliant the last few days and warm during the day. This has been welcome after quite a few cloudy and cold February days. Now with clear skies the stars are also very visible. Saturn is in the east, Sirius bright and just below Orion.  Polaris and the Great Bear as always in the North! The flowers and birds will be the subject of the next post. Although still wintry there are signs of Spring. Thanks for reading and hope Spring is soon with you if you abide in the Northern hemisphere of this amazing planet.

20 thoughts on “Frosty days at Navasola. Dog days and more plumbing!”

  1. We’re still burning our cherry tree. It lit up our back garden for three decades – now it’s lighting up our sitting room and warming the house. I’ll miss it.
    It’s not frosty here – but it’s cold and dank.

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    1. There are three ways to heat the tank for hot water; the most effective is the wood burning stove boiler and this gives us heat to the radiators. In summer our main solar panels can provide power to an immersion heater in the tank for hot water. In between times we are hoping this radiator on the roof will help supply some hot water! There is a gas heater too but this is very expensive and is for when we haven’t lit the fire or been away and the tank is cold.


  2. Great idea to use the black-painted radiator… warm water should be free in summer… Up here it’s a little bit more complicated, but we are soon going to install a new heating system in our house… It will bring down the need for energy by at least 60% but more likely more… Keep the planet beautiful

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    1. Indeed but here we had a Dutch fontenero helping install that solar system. And he doesn’t like copper pipes! Seems so easy with the latest plastic ones? Fontenero, anything to do with fuente?


      1. Yes. Fontanero is from fontano, an adjective that originally meant ‘having to do with a fuente‘, from the similar Latin fontānus that was formed from the noun stem font-. Compare fount and fountain, which English took from French.

        Installing a solar system sounds like a cosmic task.

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      2. 2 solar systems; one for our electricity and needed our German ingenerio and the other for heating water! It’s been easier than some of the bureaucracy to get electricity 500 metres away from a road! Spanish culture here is not keen on living in the countryside except for weekends. Thanks for being the fount of info on espanol.


  3. A great testiment to creative thinking and the lengths we are prepared to go to to recreate the comforts of home, which I know from past experience has the locals scratching their heads in disbelief!

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  4. Hi 🙂 Cute dog and pretty photos of the frost. 🙂 I think frost crystals are very interesting. I am happy it is spring now, though, and the flowers are starting to return.

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