Foraging for food. Menu del dia. Fried green tomatoes and gallipiernas

I thought I would write a post about waiting for the rain to come. It has come with its usual torrential downpours through the night and the day. After some frantic wood pile sorting it paid off as we had our first fire. But now it is warm again and the sun is shining with that particular brightness of Anda Lucia. Land of light.

My attempt at a winter veg garden might just work. There is now so much moisture in the air. It seems Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and onions are good, and of course there’s time to grow some more lettuce. I’ve also tried some beetroot. My once hated vegetable from memories of a cold vinegary slice for school dinners. Now I like it in soups thanks to a friend’s recipes. However I am going to have to find ways of using the green tomatoes. It is too late now for this batch to ripen and the rain affects them badly. Fried green tomatoes was suggested. That was such a good film. 

Today has been the first sun after the rain and I have gone out to check on everything, especially the chestnuts. Some have fallen but although it had been dry I have been able to collect some good sized ones from the ground. I have a love hate relationship with chestnuts but at first it is fun to find the bright brown shiny shapes. However I will be lucky to get a euro for a kg even though they can sell at 6 euros or more. I bought some small cooked Chinese chestnuts in the supermarket the other week; a case of coals to Newcastle or chestnuts to the Sierra Aracena. Unfortunately the phrase doesn’t work too well for Newcastle as coal there has become a product of the past.

Sometimes the joy of picking up chestnuts is the fragile Autumn crocus shining from the ground. The damp ground has also produced a lot of mushrooms. This is the time when folk come foraging for the famous wild mushroom varieties of the Sierra. These are the gallipierna, with their beautiful parasols.

So for our meal this evening I will perhaps have the following.

Menu del dia

Primera plato Fried green tomatoes and gallipierna

Segunda plato. Chestnut loaf and salad 

Postre.  Quince tart

All in a days foraging!

20 thoughts on “Foraging for food. Menu del dia. Fried green tomatoes and gallipiernas”

  1. We got plenty of mushrooms, too, this year. I never knew mushrooms could grow in our yard so profusely. Unfortunately, none of us here knows how to identify the mushrooms so they are all considered inedible and even poisonous.


  2. Did your planned menu come to fruition? It sounded perfect! I share your love of the film but still cannot ‘do’ beetroot in any form, for similar reasons to yours too – horror of cold juicy beetroot & warm mashed potatoes on first day of school! Well done with your huerta – hope the caterpillars don’t munch all your greens!

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  3. Love fried green tomatoes… first tried them in Arkansas (the deep south of US). I’ll be back there shortly and hope to track some down. I also love beetroots… my mother used to make me beet sandwiches to take to school in England… of course the bread turned purple… quite a sight! Now I steam them and use them only in salads.

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      1. Little Rock, Arkansas is anywhere from low of minus 5 C to a high of 7 C, then next day low of 4 C and high of 15 C… so who knows what it will be when I am there end of January! I’m prepared for anything!

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