6 thoughts on “http://thinkingcountry.com/2017/01/27/mrs-may-please-stand-up-to-trump-on-climate-change/

  1. I’m going to be Pollyanna here. Maybe the dreadful Chump is going to be a catalyst. We don’t often see the corporate pirate so nakedly. Even some of his fellow travellers are appalled – I guess they value some values after all, in addition to the bottom line. I knew there were some old-fashioned Burkean conservatives out there somewhere.

    There is going to be an increasing reaction to the Chump, at home and abroad. The mainstream political parties of the Western world are not yet fully ready to admit they must govern for all of us – the smart, the halt, the lame and even the criminal classes/corporate pirates – all. Prosperity is a good thing, even ‘profit’ within reason, but not at any price.

    Maybe, says the silver lining in the dark cloud mood I am in, just maybe, the Trumpeter is going to cause all the self-interested crew to rush to the lifeboats on the other side of the ship and tip the boat over. I hope and trust that none of us drown.



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    1. For such thoughts that is very beautifully expressed! I admit to wondering the same. History suggests cycles but I am not sure the planet and the variety of life here on earth will cope with another rush to far right thinking and twisting of the truth. We do need to act together for the common good. I also have a hunch the big corporations have cottoned on. Even China. No plebs no profit? I suppose some of it is wait and see some is protest and legal actions.

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