Seventh Heaven: Poetry and Music Celebrations!

I feel inspired to respond to two 7 th Anniversaries. Seven always seems to be a special number. We have just been to a whole series of Early music concerts in our local village churches. It is the 7 th Galaroza Early Music Course and is attended by music students from all over the world. It has been such a beautiful experience of sounds, with an array of Early instruments and voices. It seems to have truly lifted my spirits and enlivened me.

I then read it is the 7 th Anniversary ofDverse poets with again an international gathering of poets and love of trying different forms of poetry and sharing through their blog. I have been inspired to write poetry again because of their prompts and although for a while a non contributor I have often read the poems created.

The prompt is to write a poem of Seven lines, a septet. Early English poetry often used septets in iambic pentameter. Chaucer of course. So mine is an attempt but as always I prefer the words to work so conventions will be broken and hope this makes a contribution to celebrating Dverse’s 7 th anniversary.

To DVerse Poetry in all it’s many forms

Delight in words that dance upon the page.

Inspire each one towards the inner gaze.

Voices tune in to others of another age,

Each heart pulsates with polyphonic praise.

Rejoice, reverberate to the clarion calls!

Surprise us now with diverse sensory sounds,

Each voice to keep us bright till darkness falls.

Happy Anniversary DVerse and thanks to you all for all your poetic inspiration.

Below are a few photos taken of this Early music festival in our local village and church in Castaño Robledo. The community of swifts living here have added to the poetry and music as they swirl around from dawn till dusk through the changing skies. Their nests are in specially allowed holes in both the churches here. A naturalist ensured this happened when the local pigeons had become a problem. A swift sized hole! One is known as the unfinished one or the monument. This harks back to those early days of the Renaissance when this village was a crossroads of north and south, east and west. A busy place, wealthy and increasing population. When the national main road was built that all changed and there wasn’t the need for a bigger church or the money!

With love to all from our small villages and Sierra in Andalucia, Spain. Abrazos

32 thoughts on “Seventh Heaven: Poetry and Music Celebrations!”

  1. Hi 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful and peaceful way to end my Friday! It is a lovely poem. 🙂 ❤ It has a musical sway to it. I imagine the early music festival was interesting and inspiring. I can hear the music floating over the buildings in my imagination. 🙂 It is interesting for me to see the buildings in the town and the instruments. I hope you have a restful and inspired weekend! 🙂

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    1. Agree sharing brings us out of what could be a lonely activity like Wordsworth in his pensive mood! It was good to see the musicians all working together to perform such a variety of early music too.


  2. These words made me smile 🙂
    “Each heart pulsates with polyphonic praise.”
    What a perfect place for an Early Music celebration! Did anyone play the gamba?
    dVerse is truly a unique place — one that I treasure as a classroom, a travelogue, an exploration of sensations and words, a pub of global friendship! So glad you’ve joined in our 7th anniversary celebration!

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  3. That sounds like a wonderful celebration. I like the polyphonic praise. Your first stanza resonates like a chorus building into a wonderful uplifting worship! Makes us all wish we were there. Thanks for joining in the Dverse Septet!

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  4. Such beautiful, lyrical lines–truly blending music and verse.
    “Delight in words that dance upon the page.” The words did indeed dance.
    The early music festival sounds like a wonderful experience.

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  5. I love listening to early music and can imagine how lovely it all sounded! Your poem is wonderful, Georgina! Thank you for sharing it and for the link to the D’verse site. It’s good to know the swifts are being cared for so well in your part of the world.

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    1. Thanks, Clare, hopefully the village can be a model for living with these amazing birds. Just getting the right size hole meant only the swifts could nest and not the pigeons which were allegedly destroying the monument. Hope all going well. I am back and enjoying some rain…..while camping…..not!

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