Coddiwompling Again in September

September is one of my favourite months now I no longer have to return to the classroom. This September in the UK has been a mix of sun and some showers but has given us an ‘Indian Summer’. At Navasola it is always pleasant as the August heat begins to drop and there are more opportunities for long walks and on September 8th the local villages all have processions for the Romeria to the Pena where La Reina De Los Angeles has a small chapel and the famous Spanish renaissance man, Arias Montano had his hermitage.

So why coddiwomple? Well, I have just been to Dorset where some years ago, thanks to DVERSE poets there was a prompt to use unusual words and I was on my way to Dorset and wrote a poem with this word! If you coddiwomple you travel in a purposeful manner but in a vague direction. I think that year my friend who lives in Dorset and I just drove around the country lanes with no care as to where. Everywhere has some interest, some history, the rolling hills of Thomas Hardy or odd place names like Piddle or Tolpuddle where there the beginnings of the labour Unions took seed because of the tragedy of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. We coddiwompled around this historic house and gardens below and I wwill have to add the name later.

But Coddiwompling is hard to do when walking about the countryside. Is there not a fear of getting lost in the woods. I actually did once, in the woods with my trusty golden retriever not far from Thomas Hardy’s cottage. It was a bit scary.

However, a favourite place for us to coddiwomple is the beautiful city of Lisbon. We love to wander there and discover old streets, new squares, and some of the wanderings of Fernando Pessoa, the very famous Portuguese writer and poet. And once we flew from Lisbon to the Azores and coddiwompled by car around the island. It was really small enough not to miss anything except the tops of volcanic mountains because of the clouds.

So this is a coddiwomple blog. There is a purpose but there’s a lot of wandering and an odd collection of photos from the past. One of my favourite coddiwompling places is Kew Gardens in London as my membership card helps and you feel free to just wander whatever the season unlike the tourists. And the purpose? Joy but also supporting the work of Kew with botanic gardens all around the world.

Let us know where you like to coddiwomple. Perhaps it is a place you can wander and wonder with a purpose but without any care. I love hearing from you all so it would be good to know your favourite coddiwompling place.

I wonder if birds coddiwomple some of the time.

32 thoughts on “Coddiwompling Again in September”

  1. Thank you for the splendid new word! Well, new to me, anyway.

    My husband and I coddiwomple when we visit state parks, hiking along marked trails in search of magnificent trees and interesting foliage. We mentally flip a coin when we come to forks in the trails. Where there are no trails, we wander through the woods, exploring.

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    1. Sounds great and so good to have those large parks. I did once visit Yosemite but no chance to walk far as we were on a day trip from San Francisco. It was a long coach drive but well worth it. If I visit the States again am sure it will be the State parks I will focus on.

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    1. Indeed Peter, and when coming back from Wales I longed for an old fashioned map so I could choose a route! Yes, we are dependent on our phones now. I did get quite lost in east London once before phones and the Ato Z with a young daughter’s help got us back on course. She has been good with maps ever since.

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  2. I was thinking of coddiwompling earlier today, I just didn’t call it that. Now I have a new word I can use. I was looking at a map of the area in which my daughter works and thought of going there and exploring the area on foot, coddlewompling. Neat!! Thanks for this!

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  3. I’m sure birds coddiwomple now and then – in between the serious business of feeding! Georgina, thank you for sharing some of your favourite places for coddiwompling. As a student I could happily roam around Edinburgh getting lost – or as I should have said – coddiwompling! Also, there is nothing like a great long coddiwomple up on the Yorkshire Dales – although I’ve been caught out a few times as the weather turned quickly, got my foot almost stuck in a bog and slid down a hill!

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  4. Coddiwompling – I love it. Reminds me of something that would be in a Winnie the Pooh book. And is definitely how I like to operate these days, especially when in nature. To wax philosophical, to have purpose but with a vague direction allows “possibility” to enter the scene—the unexpected, the creative openings, the solutions previously not thought of, the observations not previously seen.

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  5. Thanks for your response, have only visited Edinburgh twice but for the Fringe theatre events. That was a great coddiwomple as I would end up where there were seats available. Yorkshire Dales sounds good too. I got almost stuck in a bog getting lost on the high hills around Loch Long once.

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    1. Thanks for that! I almost rang you to ask! But was posting close to my deadline for each month. Think beneath the post is the link to my poem about coddiwompling in Dorset some years ago.


    1. Yes, that might be but Frost always inspires me to not wander too far because those ‘woods are lovely, dark and deep’. I did get lost in some woods near Thomas Hardy’s cottage in Dorset with my trusty dog with no sense of direction except the best smells. Now that must be really coddiwompling golden retriever style.

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