A Poem of War and Hope for Peace.

Here is a poem for my April  post that I wanted to try from my book stack challenge response to the war in the Ukraine. I will also try and post it with my favourite poetry blog although am a day late.


I thought about taking the titles of the books that chose their place in the book stack as the concept of a ‘Blind Assassin’ from Margaret Atwood’s title really spoke to me. Blind can often be a metaphor for the inability to see the truth or suffering. We say to ‘turn a blind eye’. Saul was also blinded by the light. Those who really are physically unable to see often develop different ways of perceiving the world around them and may have the inner intuitive sight so many lack. TS Eliot in his poem the Waste Land uses the metaphor of blindness and a land without water to show the spiritual decline and alienation of the human spirit about 100 years ago.

A Poem of War and Peace

The Blind Assassin moves his tanks across the frozen lands.

Are not all assassins blind? Blind to human misery.

Blind to the brutal blows of deadly hands.

And so we all enter into those Dark Nights of the Soul where we cannot see

Where it will all end

Until we find the Kindness of Strangers

Arising from those roots of that other tree.

El Otro Arbol de Guernica. Where bombs rained down

For the first time on the ordinary man, woman and child

Around their tree of democracy.

In fear children sent alone to other lands.

In the hope one day their return will give birth

To A New Earth.

So I will now try and brighten up as the contrast between the news and the nature around me is both stark and ironic. The earth here in our part of Andalucia is responding well to the very many rainy days we have had. We have been blessed with some torrential downpours but not enough so we must all learn to conserve this life-giving resource.

After the cherry blossom comes the apple blossom. And here in April the ‘May’ which is one of the English rural words for the hawthorn flowers is out in full bloom to the delight of the carpenter bees and many others.

April 29th is also a day for me to remember my mother who died 21 years ago now to this day. I did write a poem in 2011 as it was a hard day to reflect as the UK celebrated the wedding of William and Kate and I posted it for Dverse last year at this time.


These books are the ones in the poem which were discussed in my last post. And my reading of War and Peace has got stuck in the war parts as the French army finally retreats but there is a lot of desperation and destruction for both sides. For me Tolstoy very much stands for peace, understands the futility of war and certainly does not glorify war.

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore

The Kindness of Strangers by Kate Adie ( her autobiography as war correspondent for the BBC)

El otro arbol de Guernica by Luis de Castresana ( about being a child refugee sent to UK during Spanish Civil War)

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

31 thoughts on “A Poem of War and Hope for Peace.”

  1. I really love what you have done with this post. The books give as kind of inspiration you would not normally find. The blind assassin is such a great metaphor.Sadly Putin is not blind nor ingnorant, but pure evil. He knows very well what he is doing, and coldheartedly does not care.
    Well done.

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    1. Yes! It gets a bit too much but think I have finally got to the last section thanks to some audible. Reading W&P has been an insight into the past but Tolstoy certainly has more than just a historical perspective.


      1. I’m just finishing book three. I shan’t be taking it on holiday, so a break forthcoming. Yes, though it’s an interesting experience I’ve found it a bit of a duty rather than a pleasure.

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  2. Your poetry is lovely and takes me way back to girlhood. My close friend born on the 29th of April in 1941 .. no longer with us. I know you are missing your Mother … especially on the anniversary of her passing. “A New Earth” is resting on my bookcase … ready to read!!

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  3. Book titles are like condensed poems themselves sometimes, and here you weave them flawlessly into a piece that could be the theme of our last few years. Thanks so much for including the lovely photos of the natural world around you. Sometimes I feel that is our only solace.

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    1. That’s an important point but I feel they are’spiritually’ blinded to human suffering and misery. Lust? Enjoying it? Personally I think it has been an over reach of power. The lust for power! Or extreme foolhardiness that now has to be covered up by more power games. Thanks for your comments and lets hope Finland and the other Baltic states stay safe and play a wiser power game.


  4. I like how your chosen titles flowed so well into creating your poem. I agree that Putin is evil. There is dull, lifelessness and carelessness in his vacant-of-humanity eyes. I’m grateful and happy to see the photos of the natural world around you. That certainly helps to balance out a bit of the darkness that is permeating us right now. I hope for a quick and humane end to this atrocity. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you and good to hear from you. Yes, strange flow of titles from my shelves but must now try and read the Margaret Atwood one. She does have good titles! Lets hope we can find some balance again soon too. Keep well and we must do what we can to raise spirits and promote a peace and just solution.


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