Falling Fast into Autumn

I am not sure how but this September post seems to have been posted with some likes and comments but now does not show up. This was my attempt using my phone. October has been very much the same as September but included grandkids’ birthdays and some glorious leaf colours.

September too has been a busy month and while I stay in the UK Trevor returns to Navasola. Autumn is blowing in now with a chill and wind factor as I…

Falling Fast into Autumn

11 thoughts on “Falling Fast into Autumn”

  1. The link to ‘Falling in to autumn’ returns ‘not found’ so something still not right.
    Either the link is incorrect or perhaps the post is there but has not been published? Should be simple to check.

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      1. Is it then supposed to end:
        a chill and wind factor as I… (with 3 dots?)
        ie. there doesn’t seem to be any re-post other than the two short paras above ending in three dots – is that how it’s intended to be?
        I tried to follow the Brian Bilston poetry blog I sent you but wordpress doesn’t accept my valid email address – peculiar.


  2. Important!
    Now the same thing is happening with:
    “Mellow Autumnal October vs Too Much Change or Too little” – it appears in the new post notification (by email) but it does not appear on the blog and the links to it from the email return ‘not found’ – something up with wordpress?

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