Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

This is a great idea from Denzil based in Belgium and venturing forth on his new nature blog.

So have searched for patterns from in or around Navasola, Sierra Aracena, Spain.

Below are some of the images from my photo library of patterns shown in different species and rocks. Flower symmetry is amazing and quite diverse.

It is a slow start to Spring here so it is mainly the viburnum which is beginning to flower. All the chestnut leaves are still browning the ground but with hints of green appearing.

We are on a northern slope of the mountain range and there is quite a difference in the lower warmer valleys nearby where the celandines and daisies are flowering profusely.

We await the tassel hyacinth with its candelabra shape, palmate anemone, and cistus in April and May. Thapsia often really tall comes later in June.

But the timings are a changing.

Hope many can join Denzil’s photo nature challenge each week with a photo or two or just to enjoy.