Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

This is a great idea from Denzil based in Belgium and venturing forth on his new nature blog.

So have searched for patterns from in or around Navasola, Sierra Aracena, Spain.

Below are some of the images from my photo library of patterns shown in different species and rocks. Flower symmetry is amazing and quite diverse.

It is a slow start to Spring here so it is mainly the viburnum which is beginning to flower. All the chestnut leaves are still browning the ground but with hints of green appearing.

We are on a northern slope of the mountain range and there is quite a difference in the lower warmer valleys nearby where the celandines and daisies are flowering profusely.

We await the tassel hyacinth with its candelabra shape, palmate anemone, and cistus in April and May. Thapsia often really tall comes later in June.

But the timings are a changing.

Hope many can join Denzil’s photo nature challenge each week with a photo or two or just to enjoy.

30 thoughts on “Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns”

  1. Thanks for joining in the fun Georgina and what a great selection! I love that Tassel Hyacinth; that’s a new one for me. Looking forward to seeing more of your Spring flowers as they begin to bloom.

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  2. Georgina, just what I needed this grey cold afternoon! I love your pattern images – I feel as if the thapsia is reaching out to say ‘hello’! This is a terrific and inspiring idea from Denzil and look forward to seeing many other of your photos. So far not much out in the garden apart from some snowdrops, daffodils, pansies and primroses!

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    1. Thanks Annika, its a bit of a cold start here too. Glad you liked the thapsia. I have some close ups but find getting around my media library difficult. I should have labelled more early on. I also think I am near my limit on photos so good to reuse some!

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      1. Is this the media library on WordPress? Is there a way to label them up? That would be very useful. Last year I realised I was using up a lot of the allowance for photos so came up with the idea to delete them to make room for others. NOT a good idea – I hadn’t realised the photos would then be deleted from my posts! Grrr … big mistake and took days to sort out! I’m glad you’re able to share your beautiful nature photos again, always a treat! 😀

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      2. Yes, Annika, it is my WordPress media library stuffed full of my photos. Best bet is to reduce the file size. Have been told by hubby to do that. And when you load up too but am not offered that option if its my phone photos. Maybe they are reduced. Sorry to hear you did delete I was warned that they disappear from the posts. At present I am having to re use so Denzil’s challenge may suit me!


  3. Fabulous photos! I’m sure that Denzil won’t get any more attractive submissions!

    I’ve passed along Denzil’s link to an artist friend who’s also passionate about nature photography. You’ve done us all a service by sending along that information, Georgina.

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  4. Yes, quite cold here in the Sierra and we have friends in our flat in Cabanas and they are walking the eco route along coast. Unfortunately my husband cannot walk far but we might do some exploring along the route in the next week.

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  5. Beautiful!! Thapsia… your photos have already helped me to identify that which I’ve seen before. Thank you. Your friend Ruth seems extremely talented with a unique perspective on what she sees either externally or in her mind’s eye.

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