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Azores travel log.

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Summer sun and sand in September. Conservation of Spanish sand dune coastline

Umbrella pines on the sand dunes.
Umbrella pines on the sand dunes.

Now that the summer seems to be really over and cool Autumn mornings have settled in here are a few photos of our short break at the beginning of September in Punta Umbria, Huelva in Spain. We were lucky to stay near the restored sand dunes and the natural beauty before getting onto the beach was an inspiration. There are many ways to have a beach holiday but the best must be when the beaches and habitats nearby are  full of natural beauty and not Costa Concreto. Along this stretch of  long sandy beach the sand dunes, flora and habitats are being restored.  Los Enebrales is the name of the type of Juniper found on the dunes.  This area of Spain is well known by the locals but this year did not have such a good turn out of  other tourists. It is near some very important conservation on sites such as the Marismas del Odiel and The Parque Donana.  Well worth combining the birds and the beaches! The future of habitats such as this is in our hands if we demand really responsible and sustainable tourism.

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