The House and the Environment

Deposit for water at top of hill.
Deposit for water at top of hill.

On this page we will put some of the challenges we have faced at Navasola in trying to renovate the house and make it a comfortable place to live. The climate can be very cold in winter with frosts and in summer very hot and dry for several months. It can also rain heavily for days on end in Spring and Autumn. As a modern human we require warmth, a refuge from storms, light, and a cool place when very hot. We also need to be as Eco friendly as we can and live sustainably. All tall orders. The fundamental though is our access to water.


Without our well and a constant supply of several hundred litres to the house, pumped up from a deep well to a deposit we cannot live comfortably or at all. One of our wedding presents was a gift to a village in Africa, through Oxfam. It was for solar power to pump up water from the well. The village had had a generator but it was too expensive on fuel. Now they can be well set up for the future with solar panels to power the water pump. We can really understand what it can be like to struggle with a water supply.

10 thoughts on “The House and the Environment”

  1. Your blog and photos remind me so much of my niece Sally and her blog about Costa Rica. I am partial to Southern Spain and traveled there a few times while studying in Heidelberg, Germany. Nature there reminds me very much of southern Colorado where I grew up after moving from Massachusetts when I was ten. It seems you also have your creature comforts.

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      1. I suppose my creature comforts would be electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing. The internet? I can live without that if I have to even though I blog and write books. I admire how you are one with nature.

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