picture of navasola
A view of the house November 2013

Trevor and Georgina bought the finca Navasola in 2005. The old part of the house is still visible in the picture. With low ceilings and a very draughty roof it was very cold and gloomy through the winter months.  After many years of going through the planning procedures needed for a Casa Rural, country guest house, we have gone ahead with just renovating the old house.

The land around the house is part of a U shaped valley and has many old chestnut trees, olives, oaks and pines. It is rich in biodiversity and in 2006 we had nature survey compiled by Theresa Farino and Trevor Bending. In 2007 and 2008 we organised two courses about the flora and fauna of the Sierra Aracena. These were very helpful in enhancing my knowledge about the range of birds and wild flowers in this part of Southern Spain. I was mainly organising the food at the time but I kept my ears open! Since then I have become more interested in learning more about the amazing variety of life in our local areas.  I have become a member of local wildlife trusts in the London area and very much enjoyed being involved with activities in Minet Country Park; a flagship achievement of the organisation Arocha and the local council.

In 2013 I finally made the decision to retire from my teaching career and embark on this new journey. I have been learning Spanish for some years but will still struggle to produce a coherent and grammatical sentence. My first experiences with the Spanish language were based on using the BBC’s Get By In Spanish. This worked quite well but I felt I needed more for my long awaited trip to Peru. I now need a lot more but hope that practice will make for slightly easier communication on all sides!

From the spiritual angle I am a long term practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and have always been interested in the scientific validation of meditation as well as the spiritual development regular practice supports. I have always been interested in different traditions and spiritual practices. At present I am very interested in the Quaker approach to life and spirituality.

I have spent time in India and learnt some Hindi and Sanskrit. It was also one of the most important experiences of living within another culture for me. I have also had an interest in Tai Chi , acupuncture and reflexology.

I hope my life living at the finca Navasola will help me continue these interests and to develop my creativity with more writing and art work. I also hope that by sharing aspects of this others too might find support and encouragement in moving towards a more sustainable and peaceful world.

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  1. I greatly admire your goals and lifestyle. Just last week, I reduced my thirty year counseling job to one day per week and will continue to teach meditation in my Stress Management group to stay mindful do those skills. Now I have more time for writing and art work, like you. I appreciate your visit and comment on “Anything is Pissible!”

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  2. Gorgeous About-me-page. I always rear About-pages, in many cases they present themselves in an interesting way, their life, hobbies, countries etc.

    II find that in South America they speak Spanish, which is easier to understand than Spanish in Spain – my opinion.

    Did You know that 100 is in Finnish sata and in Sanskrit also sata.

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      1. This copied from Wikipedia: “Finnish is a member of the Finnic group of Finnish is a member of the Finnic group of the Uralic family of languages. The Finnic group also includes Estonian and a few minority languages spoken around the Baltic Sea.

        This is what “wise men” say. Finnish is one of the most difficult language in the world. When learning many languages, I have noticed that there are single similarities even in French and Finnish. Man must listen how words are pronounced, not written. An example is French word Avirons (in English oars), in Finnish Airot. It is natural that oars is very old word and it existed since centuries or even more long time. In Portuguese there are also some nearly same way written words meaning the same.

        In my company, many years ago, there was a man who studied similarities between Quechua and Finnish. He found, if I remember correct, about 100 similarities and many of those words were derived from the language used in the Stone Age, in other words housing, hunting, fishing and family.

        Languages are interesting!

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      2. The history of languages and their connections is fascinating. True linguists like to know many languages and make comparisons. You certainly have a love for the amazing range of tongues we humans speak.

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  3. Hi, I’m the owner and copyright holder of the gannet image you have used as the main image on your website. I don’t remember selling you this image or asked permission for usage. Can you please remove this image otherwise I will have to proceed with a copyright theft case.
    Many thanks

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    1. Hi Leslie, apologies if I have used your image without permission. It is not the main image for my nature blog but was a featured for a post on gannets in 2014. I have attributed it to you and to nature watch and wiki sources. It was for educational purposes on a post about gannets and our responsibilities for protecting these birds. When I used the photo it did not appear to be copyrighted and I thought it could be used and I did give your name to it and the organisation Nature Watch. I will remove it in the next 14 days unless you wish to have it and your name on a post about protecting gannets. However, it is not a post viewed much nowadays unless it comes up in another kind of search.

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  4. Georgina, I have just had a look on Goodreads and see there is a new book review for my book ‘The Storyteller Speaks’ and I think it is from you. If so, my heartfelt thanks to you … seeing this today has made my day!! 😀❤️ I am overjoyed to read your thoughts on the stories and how they touched you. Thank you ever so much! This has given me such a boost – I appreciate you reading the book and taking the time to leave a review. xx

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    1. Thanks, yes, I just rediscovered my link to Goodreads and password. Am pleased to review it as it was a good read. I used to love teaching short stories to my students. And also these are good starting points for writing. I really enjoyed yours with such a variety and so many twists and turns. Think though it is harder to finish as I dipped in every so often. However this made me reread some and that let the story sink in. So finally have read every story! Great work!
      Am working with my artist friend now for some drawings for my book and think will go down the self publishing route as attempt to find an agent seem thwarted by it not fitting into a genre and it is naturecentric!

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      1. Thank you again for your fabulous review and for your words here. How exciting about your book being soon ready to publish. Are you having a lot of drawings? I am intrigued about your book and can’t wait to learn more about it. Is it fiction? Naturecentric eh! I think publishers are reluctant to take on books outside a genre, to their detriment though! I wish you the best of luck and do keep me updated!!

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  5. Nice to meet you, Georgina, via Annika Perry’s blog. I have been visiting and browsing your beautiful and intriguing site. Fascinating about your varied experiences and interests. I especially appreciate your philosophy “…moving towards a more sustainable and peaceful world.” I have subscribed to your site and I look forward to reading more. Erica

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  6. Thank you, Georgina, for finding my blog and me in the process, me!
    I love your life story, your aspirations, pursuits and love of everything interesting! Traveling is the essence of happy life.


    PS. Finnish is connected with the Hungry language.

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