Mellow Autumnal October vs Too Much Change or Too little

Sometimes we just have to take the long view and if the Outwood ancient rocks could tell us their story it would take millennia. So why at present are we humans missing the point of what is needed to survive? With the next COP coming up and too many domestic issues for our new Prime minister to deal with he cannot go. There are many reasons why life is frustrating here in the UK. But we do not quite have drought like in East Africa or floods as in Pakistan. Farmers who were once self sufficient no longer can be because of extreme weather.

I have not returned to Navasola and still wondering how my September post got ‘lost’. But life has been the same busy here on the personal level. And in both Spain and the UK we still face increasing climate challenges and hope leaders will respond better and cooperate to achieve climate targets. Too many people in other places are suffering from extremes as predicted by scientists and Andalucia is in severe drought.

On a walk through a place called the Outwoods in middle England there are ancient rocks. Once the height of Everest, once volcanic and without any fossils so pre known life forms.

Ancient rocks in the Outwoods near Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Under foot are a range of fungus species and the dampness and smell of a forest floor ready to rest through the winter. It is one of the warmest Octobers with some days rainy and others sunny. I have been close to the beauty of this once forested UK with its temperate island climate on several journeys across the Pennine hills. We did destroy our temperate rain forests but now we must support the last remaining forests around the globe.

All is changing and we can only hope and work towards peaceful and positive resolutions for all life on this amazing Earth and vote for wise leaders who will protect and restore the natural beauty of this earth and our life support system. My prayers are for Brazil and the Amazon at present.

These rocks were here before there were even forests.
Underneath the forest floor is a complex support system. The wood wide web of life.

17 thoughts on “Mellow Autumnal October vs Too Much Change or Too little”

  1. The web of time and life are interconnected and interdependent. Human politics seems small in juxtaposition to the enormity of the vibrating mass of totality, of which we are a part but not the whole.

    Words cannot convey the depth of significance, but we continue to try. Even photos and art are shallow approximations of the realities we perceive, or imagine we perceive.

    I’ve been re-reading previous posts and comments on my blog. You mentioned several years back that your son-in-law was reading Catch-22. I decided to re-read it, myself, so checked it out of the library yesterday.

    Thus does time and experience tangle up in itself.

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    1. How interesting connections can be! The ancient rocks must know so much! I am reading a book where the old rock/ river/ bog/ moor possibly on Dartmoor is given a voice and perspective. Will comment later. Sending thoughts over the virtual waves.

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  2. Few of the world leaders seem to fully appreciate the interdependability of all living things on this wonderful planet of ours and the vast majority of people consider only their own comfort and needs. If only we could arrange for a venerable oak tree to become an “influencer”! I can but dream.

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